Server Management

The backbone of digital services and applications is the server environment on which those critical applications run. eVAL technicians are skilled with keeping those servers running healthy and as fast as possible! We have experience with physical servers running in your office or datacenter, virtual hosts running in VMWare or Proxmox/XEN, and cloud virtualized servers running in Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean.

Looking for a place to run your own infrastructure, but want to keep full control of the environment while still benefiting from distributed datacenters and solid-state storage? We strongly recommend Digital Ocean for the provider of virtual colo as a server can be leased for as low as $5 per month!

Managing those servers takes time from real people, so this service is not as cheap as some automated bits in a datacenter. Pricing for a managing full servers which include uptime monitoring, health checks, security checks, and the like, is $250 for Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS/Red Hat/BSD servers, and $275 for Windows servers.