Our Philosophy

Unsatisfied with just checking the box for compliance in regulated industries, our security experts provide a range of consultative offensive and defensive technical security services.

Compliance & Security are not Synonymous
We work with companies that want to improve their overall security posture, in addition to conforming to industry specific compliance requirements. We're not opaque or murky on the details.

We come from enterprise software engineering roots. Network and application security are our core competencies. To efficiently and consistently audit security, it helps to have proficiency in building secure systems and identifying developer mindset pit-falls.

eVAL works with clients to educate through security awareness training, perform vulnerability and risk assessment, execute goal oriented penetration testing, audit sourcecode, and perform post-breach incident response.

Company Timeline

A brief history of our growth in Columbus, OH.

  1. Sept. 2012 - eVAL incorporated in Ohio
    - Focus on Enterprise Software Dev.
  2. Feb. 2013 - First office southeast Columbus, OH
  3. Jan. 2014 - Completed pivot to Information Security
  4. Jan. 2015 - Moved to offices downtown Columbus, OH
  5. Aug. 2015 - Began work with first National client
  6. Jul. 2016 - Began work with International clients

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