Meet the Team

Nicholas Hinsch
Nicholas Hinsch, OSCP
Co-Founder :: CEO

Nicholas started his path to infosec/netsec in enterprise web and mobile app development. He discovered that he liked breaking things an awful lot more than building them, and his fascination with information security began. These days, he primarily wishes to inform business decision makers of the technologies and tactics threat actors use, framed in the context of risk. Nicholas is eVAL's principal redteam security consultant.

Nicholas completed Pentesting with Kali (PWK) and is an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP).

He specializes in Network Penetration Testing, IT Risk Assessment, Incident Response, Vulnerability Assessment, Enterprise Linux Server Administration, Security Hardening, XKCD references, and patching exploiting buggy code. Nicholas also gets a kick out of bit-flipping, NOP-sledding, and auralizing sorting algorithms. In his spare time he contributes to the open source Core Plus framework codebase as much as time allows.

Charlie Powell
Charlie Powell
Co-Founder :: CTO

Charlie is eVAL's principal defenseive security engineer and systems architect with a focus in the LAMP stack, Strict MVC Architecture, Cloud and VPS server maintenance / administration, Linux system administration, VMWare, Oracle, Canonical, Amazon S3, and a splash of Ruby on Rails.

Charlie has been working nearly exclusively with Linux based operating systems and security since 2000, with indepth experience with RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, and SuSE. As of recent, he has started working with BSD based distributions for more security-centric applicaitons such as corporate firewalls and routers. Aside from physical and virtual server management, he also writes and maintains elegent PHP applications. Charlie's preferred web stack, at present, is a PHP backend with jQuery for the user agent logic. His flagship application is Core Plus, located at It is a CMS with an emphasis on user-friendliness, SEO readiness, über security, and blazing performance.

In his free-time he enjoys a good game of Munchkin and has developed a vast appreciation for Meade.

Tyler Jack
Tyler Jack
Partner :: Business Development Lead

Tyler originally joined the eVAL team as our first selected candidate in our internship program. He oversees all aspects of eVAL's business development, managing everything from community outreach, marketing, content creation, and coordinating various events. His role helps eVAL build lasting relationship with both our clients and partners.

He graduated in 2013 from The Ohio State University with a business marketing degree from The Max M. Fisher College of Business.

Together, with Co-Founder Nicholas, Tyler oversees one of eVAL's newest community and business outreach programs, bringing infomation security and social engineering awareness to non-technical audiences.

Tyler, a Wadsworth, Ohio native, is very outgoing, and enjoys talking with people about various subjects, ranging from sports, to information security. When he's off-duty, Tyler can often be found catching a Buckeye or Cleveland game, or with family and friends.

Michael Miller, C|EH
Network & Security Specialist :: MikroTik Guru

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